domingo, 22 de julio de 2012

Jumala Quintet [Paul Flaherty, Joe McPhee, Steve Swell, John Voigt, Laurence Cook]

Turtle Crossing (2005)


Steve Swell: trombone
Paul Flaherty: alto saxophone [1, 2, 5, 6], tenor saxophone [3, 4]
Joe McPhee: tenor saxophone [1, 2, 3], soprano saxophone [2, 5], pocket trumpet [4, 6]
John Voigt: double bass
Laurence Cook: drums, percussion

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Caballo De Fuerza dijo...


Enjoy it.-

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daniel dijo...

hello Toy

The archive '1877' could not be expanded, the file '02. Turtle Crossing.mp3' it contains seems to be broken.

I tried twice..
so, any new post let us know, ok?!

good sunday for you

Caballo De Fuerza dijo...


I downloaded the archive. It is OK.

If you like, send me an e-mail [ ] and I send you the track #02. Again, all the archive is OK, I am listening it now.

Thank you for your support.