sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

Fred Frith

Clearing Customs (2011)


Tilman Müller: trumpet
Fred Frith: guitar
Wu Fei: guzheng
Marque Gilmore: drums, electronics
Daniela Cattivelli: electronics
Patrice Scanlon: electronics
Anantha Krishnan Mridangam: tabla

Importante / Important
Este CD consta de un solo track / This CD is a single track

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Ignoto Transversal dijo...

MORE Fred Frith HERE

Enjoy it.-

gg dijo...

Thank you! Should be interesting. I'm a fan of Fred but his work is so varied that it's always good to hear it before buying something.

Ignoto Transversal dijo...


The intention to publish some tracks of the posting is the visitors to evaluate the music and decide if they like, download/buy the CD.

It is good your taste matches our own.

Thank you very much to spend and leave your comment.

Greetings .-