miércoles, 29 de diciembre de 2010

The Dave Brubeck Trio

Blues Roots (1968)


Dave Brubeck: piano, Honky Tonk piano
Jack Six: bass, Fender bass
Alan Dawson: drums


Gerry Mulligan: baritone saxophone

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Anonymous dijo...

Wow! Thank you. This album seems completely unexpectable in the oeuvre of these two artists, who, I believe made about five albums together.

Here are the composer credits:

1. Limehouse Blues: Braham/Furber
2. Journey: Mulligan
3. Cross Ties: Brubeck
4. Broke Blues: Teo Macero
5. Things Ain't...: Johnny Hodges
6. Movin' Out: Brubeck
7. Blues Roots: Mulligan

Ignoto Transversal dijo...


Thank you for your comment and data related to the tracks.

Great pleasure to receive your visit. Be my guest every day.

Greetings .-

Slidewell dijo...

I did not know about this one! I LOVE everything Brubeck and Mulligan did together. And what a pleasant surprise to find the bonus included! I have my own vinyl rip of this one. I have a suspicion that it is not a real live performance. The audience sounds too fake. But, another very enjoyable set from the trio plus Mulligan. Thanks!

Ignoto Transversal dijo...


Is good to know you added a new Brubeck & Mulligan to your music.

The bonus disc is dedicated to people who like these musicians.

Have a very happy new year.

Greetings .-

. dijo...

This is completely new to me - thank you so much!