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Nate Wooley

Seven Storey Mountain III And IV (2013)

CD 1: 01 track
CD 2: 01 track


Nate Wooley: trumpet, amplifier, tape [CD 1, 2]
C. Spencer Yeh: violin [CD 1, 2]
David Grubbs: electric guitar [CD 1]
Matt Moran: Vibraphone [CD 1, 2]
Chris Dingman: vibraphone [CD 1, 2]
Paul Lytton: drums [CD 1]
Chris Corsano: drums [CD 1, 2]
Ryan Sawyer: drums [CD 1, 2]
Ben Vida: electronics [CD 2]

            TILT Brass Sextet Chris McIntyre Conductor [CD 2]

Gareth Flowers: piccolo trumpet
Tim Leopold: trumpet
Chris Dimeglio: trumpet
Chris McIntyre: trombone
Jen Baker: trombone
William Lang: bass trombone

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Ignoto Transversal dijo...

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Enjoy it.- ♪ ♪ ♪

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Enjoy it.- ♪ ♪ ♪

chris_c dijo...

many thanks - this looks fascinating - wooley, yeh, moran, lytton, corsano - what a line up! you always come up with interesting shares, and having them daily is a real treat.