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lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013

John Butcher, Thomas Lehn, John Tilbury

Exta (2013)


John Butcher: saxophones
John Tilbury: piano
Thomas Lehn: synthesizers

03 de septiembre de 2013 | September 03, 2013
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Caballo De Fuerza dijo...

MORE John Butcher, Thomas Lehn, John Tilbury HERE

Enjoy it.-

Juan Ant dijo...

esto se pone interesante !!!

Anónimo dijo...

I'm not familiar with Thomas Lehn, but have heard both Butcher and Tilbury before. As someone whose heart skipped a beat when I heard the synthesizer on EL&P's first album, I knew here was the first truly "new" musical instrument developed in decades, a 20th century instrument being used in a 20th century way. "Switched On Bach" always struck me as a waste of such new technology. I've been on the lookout for electronics ever since. Time for a new guy to get the eye/ear.

Many Thanks for this.