sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2012

Josh Berman

Old Idea (2009)


Josh Berman: cornet
Keefe Jackson: tenor saxophone
Jason Adasiewicz: vibraphone
Anton Hatwich: bass
Nori Tanaka: drum

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Caballo De Fuerza dijo...

Pedido de colaboración:

Después de bajar el CD que les interesa, si lo desean y pueden hacerlo, descargar 1 archivo [SOLAMENTE UNO] de la siguiente lista

Muchas gracias.-

Request of collaboration:

After downloading the CD you are interested, if you wish, download 1 file [ONLY ONE] of the following list

Thank you very much.-

daniel dijo...

hello guys
thanks a lot for the two Josh Berman's albuns
great posts
the recent one "There Now" i already had, but this "Old Idea" i was looking for

unfortunately i am having problems to decoding .rar archives
it happened with a dozen of albuns i had taken from you, as i reported you some months ago [Wadada Leo Smith "Ten Freedom Summers"]

that time some of you told me that with the program you use it not happens [the problem to decode]

what program is this?
how can i get?

i would really appreciate your help with this

thank you all very much
never enough to congrats you for the fantastic blog you keep