lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Matt Bauder

Day In Pictures (2011)


Matt Bauder: tenor saxophone, clarinet
Nate Wooley: trumpet
Angelica Sanchez: piano
Jason Ajemian: double bass
Tomas Fujiwara: drums

4 comentarios: dijo...

Esta programación (Matt Bauder/ François Couturier) es absolutamente intencionada.
Músicas diferentes, sin etiquetas...
Espero lograr lo pretendido.

This programming (Matt Bauder/François Couturier) is absolutely meaningful.
Different musics, without etiquettes...
I expect to achieve the claimed.

Moe dijo...

Great record. I downloaded a couple songs off Emusic, but actually the whole record is great. Thanks.

Ignoto Transversal dijo...


It is good to know you like the whole record.

Thanks to you.-

Anónimo dijo...

link is down :_(
could you, please, repost it again?
love "day in pictures" people (bauder, ajemian, fujiwara, wooley)